Vehicle GSM alarm and GPS tracker

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The Wolf Secure vehicle alarm system is much more than just a car alarm. It includes GSM capabilities to SMS or call up to 3 users when an intrusion is detected. Also included is GPS capabilities so you can know were your vehicle is at any time.

This system can be used as a complete tracking system that will not just SMS you with coordinates or the Google map url on your vehicle location when your vehicle is stolen or by requesting the location via SMS, it can send a constant GPRS signal (GPRS is internet via mobile technology) to our suggested free car tracking web site. That's right - FREE site, no monthly fees and because of the small amount of data send via GPRS to this web site your cost for constant tracking will be around R20.00 per month! You can now log into the site and see at any time where your vehicle is and see exactly what route at what time and at what speed your vehicle travelled.

Here are a couple of other features:

  • Remote stopping (cut-off) of vehicle engine
  • SOS button will send SMS SOS messages
  • Remote controls to arm/disarm/flash lights/panic
  • Build in backup battery (in case car battery is disconnected the alarm system still work)
  • Have most functions included with car alarms like door open detection, vibrating sensor (sensitivity adjustable), ignition start, battery cut off. In addition it will not just sound the aalrm and flash the headlights, it will also call and SMS the pr-eset telephone numbers. An additional GPS intrusion detection is used, if the vehicle is moved the alarm will sound as well,
  • Complete vehicle tracking system.
  • Status LED
  • In car microphone to hear sound in vehicle.


Technical Specification

  • GSM Work Frequency: 900 /1800 /1900MHz
  • GPS(SiRFstarIII chipset)
        Frequency:L1, 1575.42 MHz.
        Minimum signal tracked: -159dBm
  • GPRS enabled to send tracker data via internet
  • Temperature: Working Temp -20℃ ~ +60℃
  •  Humidity: 20—95%
  •  GSM Antenna
         height: 5cm
         connector: SMA
  •  GPS Antenna
           cable-length: 3-5 meters
           connector: SMA
  •  Remote control  Working frequency: 315Hz/433MHz.
            Code: 1527/2240 study
            Control Distance: 20-100M
            Working Voltage: 12V ( 27A 12V dry battery)
  • Backup battery: Poly-Li battery, 600mAh 3.7V
  • Dimension: 125x108x26mm
  • Weight: G.W.:1.45Kg(including accessories)