WS Wolf Secure wireless repeater (signal booster)

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The range of most wireless sensors is about 100 meters. Walls and other obsticles will lower this range. In some cases sensors need to be placed further than the signal can travel to the alarm system for example outside buildings. Double-story houses and apartments often also might require a device to boost or strenthen the signal from a sensor or sets of sensors.

The Wolf Secure repeater will be able to boost signals from distant sensors.

2 Modes of operation:
a. Strengthen all signals
b. Learning mode to teach repeater to only strengthen specific sensor signals


  • Work Voltage: DC12V

  • Static Current : 10mA

  • Work Curren t: 180mA

  • Study Capacity : 30 pcs

  • Receive Distance : 100m

  • Transmit Distance : 500~1000m