WSP02 Wolf Secure Pro alarm kit

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The Wolf Secure Pro Series alarm with build in siren and touch keypad is a highly advanced alarm system with features like:

  • GSM,  PSTN and GPRS communication on one system
  • Supervision of sensors (monitor sensor problems, low battery etc.) and report problems directly to your cellphone
  • Home automation features allow for switching of appliances remotely from a cellphone, via remote controllers and directly from touch keypad switches
  • Door chime and door status indication
  • Accessories include wireless door bells, wireless sirens, intelligent switches etc.

Features (partial):

  1. Wired and wireless sensors on same alarm panel. System can take up to 32 wireless and 8 wired zones. Power for wired zones available directly from panel.
  2. LCD Screen indicating status, time and much more
  3. Full supervision of all sensors. Will report low battery voltage, sensor errors and sensors not sending heart beat signals (sending signals to report that it is still operational)
  4. 150 Alarm records stored.
  5. GSM technology can send SMS messages (e.g alarm triggered) as well as call pre-set numbers
  6. Door/window chiming (alarm will beep when doors or windows opens)
  7. Door/window status report (will report on open doors and windows when alarm is armed)
  8. Report power failure and restoration
  9. Alarm can be controlled from build in keypad, remote controllers, SMS or phone.
  10. Support up to 8 switches. Switches can be switch on or off from panel, remote controller, phone and build in timers.


1 * WSP 01 panel
1 * PIR (with pet immunity)
1 * Door contact
2 * Remote controllers
1 * Power supply