WS Relay Armed Response Unit

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Our alarm systems are all about choice. Our alarms call or SMS you when it detects an intrusion but some of our customers also want to connect to an armed response company. This unit makes it possible to connect the Wolf Secure range of alarms to an armed response company.

This products is developed and build by Wolf Secure specifically to add additional functionality and value to customers that buys the Wolf Secure product range.

To increase value even further we offer a R300.00 rebate on this unit if you also buy a Wolf Secure alarm system.

This specific unit is unique to Wolf Secure in that a microprocessor is used to control all functions and to provide additional features and stability not found in other similar systems. 

As an example, this unit integrate fully with the wireless codes generated by the Wolf Secure DIY alarm systems to ensure 100% compatibility without needing any other code transmitting devices connected to the alarm system. In short this means that this unit "works out of the box" without having to connect transmitters and all kinds of other systems to the alarm itself. Simply connect this unit to your armed response company's radio unit in minutes and forget about it. 

We listen to our customers and installers and provide a separate SOS/panic output.

Our relay unit now support a separate SOS/panic output! This enable you to have a separate panic signal send to your armed response company. This is a feature that was requested by many because armed response companies prefer to know when they receive an alarm or a more urgent panic signal, usually they first phone on a alarm signal but immediately send armed response on emergency signals.

Ability to learn

This unit can learn any of our DIY wireless sensors to provide a panic output, this include panic buttons, gas sensors, smoke sensors.  This also means that all panic related functionality is NOT part of the alarm system.

This gives an extra layer of security to our customers and also allow a customer without an alarm system to use the SOS/panic functionality to send SOS signals to your armed response company. 

We have done this of cause to increase value to Wolfsecure alarm customers and did so at a near cost price. It contains high end electronic components for example a microprocessor. 

The normal cost for this product is R680.00 but we would like to offer a rebate to our customers that buy a wolf secure alarm system of R300.00.