SMS manager FAQ


1. The first thing to do is to put our SMS server telephone number into your Wolf Secure alarm system so we can receive sms messages from your alarm system. Our sales or support person will tell you exactly how to do that. We can also send you a step by step instruction once we know which alarm system model you have. If you are a new customer we can program our sms server number for you before the alarm is picked up or delivered to you

2. Please enter your username (email address) and your the password we emailed to you to access the sms manager system.

3. Click on the settings button and then on the settings edit link.

Please enter the following information:

a. The cellular number of your alarm system. It need to be in international format, in South Africa the number start with 27. Example: 082 123 4567 will be 27 82 123 4567.
b. At least 1 cellular number that should receive an SMS with your edited zone information also in international format

Click on the save button to save your changes.

3. Enter your zone information and you are done.

Click on the "Add new button" to add a zone. Click on the edit button next to the zone to change the zone number or description



What is the cost of using this system?

When our system send sms's to you there is sms cost from our cellphone providers. We charge a whooping R27.50 per month (on debit order), this include holding an alarm log history for 2 years and also include 30 sms messages for the month.

What happens if I use up all sms messages before the end of the month?

You can buy additional sms messages directly from us.

How will I know if I run out of sms credits?

We will send an sms message to SMS receiver no 1 once you only have 5 sms messages left. Once you have no more sms credits left an email will be send to the email address every time the alarm is sending as an sms.

How long can a zone description be?

A zone description can be 40 characters long. eg. "Main bedroom window next to the dog house"