Optex FTN-R outdoor wireless sensor for IDS alarms

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This outdoor sensor is designed to be fitted to a wall. This sensor uses a double beam to detect intrusion. This beam detects 2m -5M area and is pet friendly.

  • Complete battery operation
  • 5m/2m narrow range
  • 190° horizontal flexibility
  • Enhanced pet immunity


This unit is easy to fit and use with an exceptionally low false alarm rate. It can detect up to 5 meters and is an ideal solution where sensors like the BX 80 detection distance is not required.

NOTE: This unit already have the correct transmitter to the IDS panels included, it does not need to be bought separately,



Model FTN-R
Detection method Passive infrared
PIR coverage 5×1m (16'5"×3'3")
Detection length limit 2 m, 5 m (6'7", 16'5")
Detectable speed 0.3 - 1.5 m/s (1' - 4'11"/s)
Sensitivity 2.0°C (at 0.6 m/s) (3.6°F (at 2'/s))
Operation voltage 2.5 - 10 V DC
Power input 3 - 9 V DC (Lithium or Alkaline Battery)
Current draw 9μA(at stand-by) /
3mA(max.)(at 3 V DC)
Alarm period 2.0 ±1.0sec.
Warm-up period Approx. 120 sec. (LED blinks)
Alarm output N.C./N.O. Selectable-Solid State Switch 10 V DC 0.01 A(max.)
Trouble output N.C./N.O. Selectable-Solid State Switch 10 V DC 0.01 A(max.)
LED indicator Enable: During DIP switch 1 (WALK TEST MODE) or DIP switch 4 (LED) ON
Disable: During normal operation
Light/Blink: Warm-up, alarm, masking detection (FTN-RAM only)
Operation temperature 20 - +60°C (-4 - +140?F)
Environment humidity 95% max.
Weatherproof IP55
Mounting Wall (Outdoor, Indoor)
Mounting height 0.8 - 1.2 m (2'7" - 3'11")
Weight 190 g (6.7 oz.)
Accessories Connector for POWER and ALARM,
connector for TROUBLE, plate nut×2,
screw (M3×10 mm)×2, screw (3×20 mm)×4, sponge for transmitter