Although our alarms are easy to set-up and install, many customers prefer to make use of a professional installer. Especially when outdoor sensors are required.

Our customers mostly use wireless sensors making installation quick and easy because there are no wires. Our systems also use wired sensors and some customers prefer wired sensors in curtain areas and wireless in others. Almost all our customers prefer wireless sensors outdoor.

We do not take profit from installing referrals to the reseller / installers. The entire transaction is between the reseller / installer and the customer. We expect an installer to know our product and to be able to do a professional installation. We offer installer recommendations to our customers as a free service.


We understand that in order for a reseller to sell our products the reseller must:

1. Be confident that he is selling a high quality product to his customers. His customers look to the reseller for good advice on a good product and the reseller need to support his customer. The Wolf Guard range of alarms are sold in more than a 100 countries and is in operation for 18 years now. We've been selling the Wolf Guard range for some time with very little product problems. We supply fast support directly to our resellers.

2. The reseller discount must make it worth it for the reseller to sell our products. We are all in business to make enough money to make a decent living. We believe our reseller pricing will be attractive to our resellers.

What do installers and resellers receive from Wolf Secure.

First it is important to realise that the customer of a reseller stay the customer of that reseller and all responsibility and support towards this customer is handled by the reseller. When Wolf Secure refer a customer to a installer the products bought by the customer stay the responsibility of Wolf Secure, installation related problems is the responsibility of the installer.

Note: installation worked referred by Wolf Secure can be high or very low depending on the demand for installation work by our customers. It is thus advisable to treat this installation referrals as "additional installations" to your current installations and not look towards this opportunity as sole provider of your installation work.

1. We supply you with a monthly dealer price list and unbranded customer price list
2. We have a reseller document area with product pictures, manuals, presentations and so forth  to help our resellers in providing more information to their customers
3. We refer installation jobs without asking any finder fees
4. Get access to our technical FAQ section that contains many questions and answers as well as a support ticket system for technical related issues our sales staff will not be able to assist with
5. Very good reseller discount on our products
6. Technical product and installation news
7. Get new product specs, updates and info before it even land in South Africa

Click here to download our reseller / installer form and e-mail or fax back once filled in and signed.